About Mr. Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez was born in Kingsville, Texas, as the oldest of four children into a family devoted to education. Both his parents were school teachers, and an emphasis on school was a priority. After graduating from Hebbronville High School, Mr. Ramirez attended the University of Texas at Austin where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering. He was accepted to the University of Texas School of Law to begin in the Fall of 1988, however the law school granted him a 2 year deferrment so that he could work with Mobil Oil as an engineer in West Texas. As a Mobil Oil engineer, Mr. Ramirez had his office in downtown Midland, Texas.  He was put in charge of over two hundred oil and gas wells, designing workovers for low-producing wells, as well as completions for newly-drilled wells.  His job required him to be out in the oilfield regularly where he learned the nuances of the industry by working first hand with site foremen, work crews, service companies, and other engineers.

At the conclusion of his stay with Mobil Oil, Mr. Ramirez chose to enter UT’s law school in the Fall of 1990 where he graduated in May, 1993. After passing the bar exam that summer and getting married, Mr. Ramirez began practicing law in San Antonio. He decided to open his own law office immediately, instead of working for a law firm, in the hopes of getting a much faster grasp of the legal system and its intricacies. He began by doing a lot of court-appointed criminal work. Those cases, in turn, led to referrals in civil cases, such as family law and personal injury cases, and soon, Mr. Ramirez was engulfed in a law practice handling both civil and criminal work. Today, Mr. Ramirez has established a reputation in the legal community as an aggressive and successful trial lawyer. The vast majority of his cases are based on referrals from former clients or acquaintances who have first hand knowledge of Mr. Ramirez’s legal skills.

The Governor of Texas appointed Mr. Ramirez to serve on the Clean Coal Technology Council in 2003, and in 2010 was appointed to serve as a Board Member on the Nueces River Authority.  In addition, Mr. Ramirez has also served as a Special Prosecutor in felony cases in Medina and Uvalde counties when asked by the District Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Ramirez has been married to his lovely wife since September 1993, and has been blessed with three children to help raise and nurture. He is also a bible teacher, and began preaching part-time in the late 1990s. In June, 2001, he was licensed as a minister by the First Baptist Church in Devine, Texas. He continues to teach the bible and supply preach.

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