Oil and Gas

How many lawyers do you know that are also engineers experienced in the oilfield? Most lawyers working in this field do not have any practical experience in the oil patch. They have learned about the oil business through other cases after becoming lawyers, and they don’t know the field like those who actually work in the industry. Mr. Ramirez has a degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and learned the oil patch, first hand, as an engineer for Mobil Oil in West Texas. When you have an Oil and Gas case, wouldn’t it be to your advantage to have a lawyer who also worked in the oilfield?

Oil and Gas cases come in many forms but they often involve technical issues that ultimately led to serious injuries or death. It is crucial that the client have in his corner a lawyer that not only knows the oilfield, but who is also an experienced, aggressive and successful trial lawyer. Expert testimony is the centerpiece of these cases, and there is a lot of trial strategy and maneuvering involved. There is too much at stake for the oilfield worker and his family to take a chance on any lawyer. Mr. Ramirez provides personalized attention to the details of all cases, and will work diligently with the client to obtain a successful outcome.

Oil and Gas work can also be as “simple” as negotiating terms for oil and gas leases or pipeline easements. Whatever the situation, Mr. Ramirez is able to provide aggressive and solid representation to maximize the interests of the client. Call for a free consultation.

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